How stupid can human be? I believe this is an example I hope will never happen again.

Two men prepared to race a bike through a long path of fire in Damauli, Nepal to be world record holders. nobody has ever tried this because the result was death. Even on such stupidity, some reputed and respected organisations like Tanahu Chamber of Commerce and Mirlung V.D.C supported them leading those two men to death.

What stupidity of those people behind such organisations and those police department and officers that let this happen. Isn’t this beyond the stupidity of those in those organisations compared to two who died?

Shame on you guys.


  1. What can we hope with these bloody Ministers and stupid fellows who are sitting on the top position in Nepal Government. They never had an idea to make successful these event, there is no proper arrangement of water and fire extinguisher on the spot. They never know the value of these two fellow who lost their life in this bullshit event. Suresh Panth is Indian Army Soldier of 9 Gr of Gorkha Regiment. who had 2 kids another is my loving brother Bharat Singh Thapa (Sumit) S/o Ex-Army Dal Bdr Thapa 2/4 Gr and he is such an artist, he is only on in nepal who made tatto and hair craft over the heads on people. I lost my brother in this incident who had 1 baby. my condolence is same to Suresh panth……………..

    Both lost their life in this event, they are just an volunteer in this event, the main victim of these event is C.D.O. (Basudev Dahal), Chamber of commerce Tanahun, Mirlung V.D.C and the stupid Police department of Damauli. after the painful treatment of these guys Santosh Panth, Bharat (Sumit) passed away 2, 8 days respectively.

    Govt. announce that they will provide 10 lakh Rs and provide gallantry award to these two innocent.
    But yet we both family get …………….nothing…
    it was gone 11 month (1 year) to this scam but not a single minister or responsible staff and come to us and contact with us………

    We lost everything in this event…………..

    think it how much pain is in our heart and how much negative feeling in our mind for Govt. of Nepal and Department of Police….. Too.