… and once again, a Nepali wins CNN Hero Award for this year. Yes, it was overwhelming. When the winner was announced, I was jumping all over my place and made those people below my apartment to come and get mad at me. Still I was happy, happy for her happy for those children at her home, happy for my country.

On the other hand, there were some funny conversation going on after the winning on facebook. Many were wishing for win, whereas somewhere asking, “Is it like Kantipur TV award? Why Nepali wins all the time?” lol. That was funny.

The discipline and the social life we grow up, I believe has a lot to do with this. I see here in the west, people don’t give a damn about their parents soon they turn 18. Even parents kick their kids out for their privacy. I believe the question “why again Nepali won, itself is a foolish question.

Being said that, we Nepalese have फुर्सद to vote नि । होईन त ? 😛

जय नेपाल