Shadows performing in Thamel NEPAL
Now to all the Nepalese round the globe, if you are not in Nepal for those freaking concerts which used to blow you mind, No problem. Cuz’ now you can see those concert even if you are abroad.

Nepal’s one of the most successful rock band, The Shadows have recently announced their Live Concert in Thamel DVDs to be sold online. So, if you have really liked them and wanted to be a part of their concert, then this is a great opportunity, as what you get in HIGH DEFINITION videos on your mail.

To, get a copy of their DVDs, contact them using this facebook page..!/theshadowsnepal

We hope to see more of such efforts from other bands and artists from Nepal.

Jai nepal !!


  1. Shadows are scared to post my comment coz they know they are posers…if they are rock star they dont care on such comment. Anyway shadows sucks in real.

  2. The shadows is really a Good band.I like it.i have listned their music,i really like it.The real rockerz of Nepal.The Shadows we r here for u…….Who doesnot know about rock how can they understand it.i think they just need love song and very slow type……….

  3. Thats right ….its a real rockin band…i like it a lot..they are really trying to sing for country and all nepal and world.
    GO ON SHADOWS……Prakrity……

  4. who says tht shadows Rocks? Shadows sucks…..i knw each and everything abt them…….those who love shadows doesn’t have a sense abt music?? Do u knw wht rock means??? haha They stole 11.30 Basan lyrics….. I don’t think u guys knw all these things…Ma ho Prakriti.. Hidne Manche Ladcha….Kheladi hu ma…these all are 11.30 basan lyrics….shadows sucks in their real life too….so man if u love shadows u knw wht F#*K Y*U