star in born - ciris thapa

Chitwan has always been well for good music in Nepal. From “Sanglo Chitwan’ singer Sahan Pradhan to Ram Chandra Kafle to The Shadows. But with new generation of so-called singers budding everyday in Nepali music industry, listeners have seriously been feeling kinda hollow in the industry. To fullfill that hollow that gap of some good music, a star is Born.

Sound engineer by Profession, and a serious musician since childhood, Cisis Thapa has also worked as Production Manager in Synergy FM, Chitwan’s first radio staion. Even before this album, he has always been known as a serious talent though his jingles and station ids.

A guy as most dream to be, he is a very simple living person with honesty and courteousness by side. Internationally recognized for his work in audio production by BBC Global Reith Awards 2009, Nepal have still a lot to see and listen from him.

Lastly, I am more happy to listen a very fine and original music from his, at this point of time when original nepali music is almost dead.

Hats off to you again Ciris dai.