Chapali Height is called as one of the most successful Nepali movie by some, some call it pioneer of vulgarity in changing Nepali Cinema.

Whatsoever, Chapali Height made huge money with extremely low investment. And it was nothing else than what whole world accepts, “Sex Sells”.

Some groups comment Chapali Height as follower of Bollywood and Hollywood movies. But is it? Indian movies known as Bollywood movies I believe do not still have such vulgarity as in Nepali movie, Chapali Height. And in Hollywood industry are the one to showcase the difference between Pornography and Nude Photography.

I recently saw a poster of another Nepali movie, A.T.M and that’s what made me write about this. I really hope those bitching about it won’t start promoting it, if it succeed.

I hope in coming days, we will understand about it and do the right thing.

Jai Nepal !