Wish this CG Entertainment movie had done great. But unfortunately seems like it didn’t, which had hit back hard to its team. May be this shock has affected some of the team members of Visa Girl so badly that they are now seen getting mad at those who didn’t like the movie and also those journalists who didn’t write a good review of the movie. Even more shocking is, the Visa Girl team members were completely different or used to act different before the movie release.

Some comments mentioned here are by Prachanda (director of the movie) and Swapnil (Movie Poster Designer) posted by them before and after movie release.

Mr. director who used to appreciate journalists in the past for their reviews, wrote this to them about Visa Girl review.

Yesterday, Mr. designer reacted this way, when he self-announced 80% occupancy in QFX theater and an audience (my friend) who WAS in that theater revealed that it was hardly 15%.

Another really amateur post by Mr. designer like his another one (Best movie poster in Nepalese movie history) before movie release was this one. Funny !!

Seems like New Nepali Cinema is so matching to today’s New Nepal (Naya Nepal). Wasn’t old one much better?

Jai Nepal