With new technology embraced by Nepali film makers, Nepali is now stepping ahead towards quality in various aspects.

But is it?

Above are posters from the up coming movie, Chapali Height, another so-called High Definition Cinema. A complete copy from the new generation of Nepali filmmakers who laugh on same stuffs about Rekha Thapa kinds. What does this prove? Are new generation also heading as Rekha Thapa and Rajesh Hamal, and we audience do not know about it.

Another gossiped topic of Chapali Height is the sexual and abusive language used in the movie. Are these what new Nepali movies are all about? If yes, why not start making PORN MOVIES and screening them.

We as an audience, as filmmakers and as a Nepali seriously need to think about it and where we see our movies in future.

jai Nepal !