Snapchat Goggles are almost here!

snapchat goggles

Snapchat just unveiled camera sunglasses for capturing your daily life as your eyes see it. The Snapchat Spectacles are upcoming $130 shades that will compete against the likes of Google Glass.

Spectacles were developed by Snapchat over the past few years, and it has an integrated video camera — one of the smallest wireless video cameras that exist.

Find more about it here :

Can DJI Take Over GoPro Market with OSMO?

dji osmo

While there are rumors about GoPro working on drones, the chinese company well known for their drones is here with a product that can take over GoPro’s market.

The DJI Osmo is a 3-axis gimble camera kit that can produce same kind of shots you produce with your GoPro but smooth and stabilized.

American Homeless

We in Nepal, call it the land of opportunities. Thousands come to this country with different visas and many illegally risking lives. Yes, I am talking about United States of America. But many do not know there’s a bitter side too, just like back home.

This is a short story about a homeless man. I had been seeing at the same intersection near my previous job for last 3 years. Couple days back I finally gathered all the courage to go to him ask his story.

God bless him.

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