As the on going rumor for months all over the internet, Canon has finally announced their new mid-range DSLR Canon EOS 70D. It has a new Dual Pixel CMOS sensor which is a talk everywhere in the DSLR community. Even though this is an upgrade to Canon 60D, there are some features which were only on the high end models like 5D Mark ii & iii 1Dx and all. On the other hand, image effects on camera sounds and look amateur.

Canon is for now calling it the best DSLR for shooting pictures and videos.


  1. According to my experience 7d is the most versatile crop sensor dslr from canon. But one biggest disadvantage is to installed magic lenthern firmware due to the dual processor system. Before released mark iii, I was impressed of mark ii features after some time my mind changed and finally i was ready to buy markiii if I got/have fund to buy. Beside the issue of sensor size new buyer will b impressed in 70d by moving object focus system and common issue of video capturing by dslr and obviously price. In that condition What you say for new buyer ?

  2. Honestly, I would not recommend this for NEW BUYERS.
    Those who are buying a DSLR to shoot in AUTO mode, T5 is good.
    Those who want to learn T2i-T5i is good. if they need more install Magic Lantern.
    70D can be good for PROs who need crop sensor bodies like wildlife photographers, since crop has 1.6 multiple factor.
    n as always 5D Mark III with Magic Lantern is the KING right now. 🙂

  3. I will check it and do comment, By the way once upon time it was my dream camera lol. Now here almost 3:08 am, we will discuss more tomorrow, Good C u tomorrow. I have many common question. Hai

  4. Please upload some raw footage with description of camera setup and lens. I have seen raw footage in YouTube and Vimeo but I want to see your footage and experience of 60d.

  5. I have not shot RAW yet. though it seems like shooting RAW and H264 cost almost the same, in fact, shooting RAW is still expensive.

    u need eXTREMEly FAST memory cards, MANY OF them. plus a beast to edit.

  6. This point is notable for everyone with me. How much average cost for basic first memories card. How much we can record from 16gb CF card, grade 10 ( I think it’s common question )

  7. Ok that’s good. I never played with raw footage, I am so curious about it. class 10 CF is also expensive. I think if 16 gb cost is 200, it’s not bad. How much time we can record raw footage from 16gb?