Like 5D Mark II was a game changer to DSLR film making, Canon has step again in DSLR video with it’s new Auto Focus system in video mode.

DSLRs has been many indie filmmakers favorite tool because of the interchangeable lenses and of course affordable price. And slowly it has been preferred in the consumer market also due to its high quality image and video compared to point and shoot camera. But one of the big issue of DSLRs had been the focusing issue while shooting videos. Good news, Canon is here with a solution.

Canon 70D now has a auto focus system similar to the camcorders. Canon was the first company to announce this technology on a DSLR with Canon SL1, the small DSLR baby. This has been improved and now been integrated in Canon’s new 70D.

Below are some more test footage of 70D’s Auto Focus system in video, compared to Nikon D7100 and Canon SL1.