black magic cinema camera 4k


With Panasonic GH4 ( GH3 reviewed as technically the best DSLR for video by PROs ) announced with 4K capability and more DSLRs coming with 4K, many Indie filmmakers are giving thumbs down to Black Magic 4K camera. Where DSLRs are best know for it affordability, Black Magic is something many regret when it comes to their hands as you cannot start shooting with just that 3000.00 body. It gets expensive when you have to buy external batteries, external monitors, expensive storage cards and all. And after all that hectic post production workflow.

Understanding that they are loosing the market, Black Magic recently dropped their 4K camera price to 2995.00 US dollars. Now the question is, will people buy them even at that price, after Panasonic GH4 4K announcement? Write your opinion in the comments below.