black magic cinema camera 4k


Black Magic has recently announced a price drop of USD 1000.00 in its cinema camera.

Black Magic has been in the lime light for sometime among the indie filmmakers. With it’s announcement of very affordable 2.5K RAW video camera, it became huge popular extremely fast. But the story is different after it started shipping. Many indie filmmakers hated the company for years of delay after the annoucement. Many other do not want to spend money for huge storage for RAW and time for RAW workflow. So, as expected most were buying 5D Mark III (which now has RAW video with Magic Lantern firmware and also H.562 video) instead of Black Magic Cinema Camera.

Though the good news for some who really wanted to buy Black Magic cinema camera and thought it could have been a bit cheaper, they just dropped 1000.00 and are selling for 1995.00 (body only). Though, the company is saying that they dropped the price because they are able to manufacture it for much cheap than before, truth is they aren’t selling and they have no choice. Do know, just buying the body won’t work and you have to buy other pieces of the puzzel like external battery, lenses, solid state drives and more.

Personally, I would not recommend it to anyone for many other downsides like… It shoots 30fps shooter not 24fps, you cannot delete bad takes, you cannot format the SSD drive within the camera, and lot more (A friend of mine bought one and returned).

Happy Shooting !