While most Nepalese are more entertained by Indian television shows, not many realize how it affects various sectors of Nepal. One of those heavily affected in the Advertising Industry.

A huge percentage of consumer products in Nepal are imported from India. Yet, these Indian companies hardly have to spend anything extra to reach these Nepalese consumers. That’s because of the advertisements in Indian TV shows which Nepalese mostly watch., reach them well. For that reason, those companies do not spend money on advertisements in Nepal even though they are making billions from here. And that’s about to change.


With growth of skilled youth in the television and new QUALITY TV channels coming up with some quality TV shows, Nepalese TV media brings a new hope for the TV media themselves, for the Nepalese advertisement industry and for Nepalese viewers who’ll be able to enjoy only only quality Nepalese TV shows but also quality TV ads made by our own people in our own country. And that’s a great news.

In all this, someone who we should be all thankful to is NEA Managing Director Kulman Ghising for effort to fight against corruption and load shedding. And thanks to all those new teams of youths who came back to the country, sharpening their skills from abroad.

Jai Nepal !


Here are 2 of those quality TV shows coming to Nepal: