You may not know what H.264 or H.265 is unless you are into video production and all, but you benefit because of this everyday. H.264 is used in most products relating to video for compression may it be your DSLRs, your point shoot cameras or even smartphones. Remember how huge video files were some years back? Yes such decrease in size without quality loss in H.264. May be we would be waiting hours to watch movies on youtube or other video sharing website, if H.264 wasn’t here.

Now, you know what H.264 is, here’s the good news. Get ready for H.26-FIVE (H.265) which is said to compress videos to half of what we get today. So, if your video with H.264 is 200 MB, with H.265 it will be 100 MB without any loss in quality. Isn’t that great?

I can’t say how excited I am, cuz last month I had to pay extra to my internet providers for using extra (250GB per month was the limit and I used 273GB).

m eagerly waiting. are you?