Nepali cinema is definitely growing technically. But cinema is more about art than it’s technical stuffs.

Technical growth in Nepali cinema has slowly seem helping it to grow into an industry but it is still laid behind in terms of art. होईन र ?

Nepali posters has been one of the most talked subject within the industry. Rekha Thapa, Bhuvan KC are much famous for coping posters for their movies. Yet it is not much different with the so-called New Makers.

I won’t call it a copy, but YES, another inspired Nepali movie poster.

Note: The funniest part is, it’s designer says, he had never seen DevD poster until he posted this poster on the web. WTF?

जय नेपाल !


And if you cannot differenciate this DevD poster with these collection of posters below, you must be a dumb. 😛