Video – हिलेरी क्लिन्टनले खाए लास भेगसमा जुत्ता

नेताहरु माथि चप्पल वा जुत्ता प्रहार कुनै नौलो कुरा पक्कै होईन । यस्ता प्रहारहरुले नेताहरुको लोकप्रियता र केहि हदसम्म त्यस्को कारण बुझ्नमा देशका जनताहरुलाई मद्दत पुर्याउँछ ।

२०१६मा हुने अमेरिकी राष्ट्रपतिको चुनावमा उठ्ने सुरले विभिन्न देश भ्रमण हिड्नमा व्यश्त हिलेरीले कसरी खाएत जुत्ता अमेरिकाको लास भेगसमा माथि भिडियोमा हेर्नुहोला। यस बाहेक हालै इजिप्टमा पनि उनको गाडीमाथि जुत्ता प्राहार भएको थियो ।

इजिप्टको भिडियो तल हेर्नुहोला

Prabal Gurung Fall 2014 Collection – Inspired by Mustang



I am sure you did not miss this if you were in the correct time zone. Prabal Gurung’s 2014 Fall Collection was streamed live on his website

Once again, he have made us all Nepalese proud and inspired to do better, dream bigger. And today, how he brought the hidden part of Nepal, MUSTANG is beyond amazing. If you want to know more about Mustang or want to share it with your friends. Here’s the link:

Though he’s an American citizen in documents now, we can all see the Nepali blood in him.

Thank you Prabal.

Here’s Why GMO Crops are BANNED in Germany

GMOs and hybrid seeds are of big confusion among Nepalese farmers right now. Meanwhile Nepal government and some big companies are trying to get GMOs in Nepal. Some say they are being sold now in Nepal illegally, not telling the farmers that they are Genetically Modofied Organism seeds.

Above is the video on why German banned GMO seeds or crops. It’s shows the details about their 2 year test of GMOs on rats, which is known worldwide. And, below are some documents relating it.

Sci Verse
El Sevier Food and Chemical Toxicology
Available online 19 September 2012
In Press, Corrected Proof — Note to users

Le Nouvel Observateur

French GM-fed rat study triggers furor

Huffington Post : Monsanto’s GMO Corn Linked To Organ Failure, Study Reveals

International Journal of Biological Sciences : A Comparison of the Effects of Three GM Corn Varieties on Mammalian Health


In the village of Hokshe, Nepal, local residents estimate that nearly 70 people, out of roughly 300, have sold their kidneys on the black market. Lured to India by the promise of cash, villagers are tricked into thinking their kidneys will regrow “like a mango in a tree.” Years later the money is gone, and so is their means of survival.

The Village of Stolen Kidneys
A Vocativ Production
Produced by Michael Byhoff, Sam Matthews, Tom van Cakenberghe
Cinematography Tom van Cakenberghe
Associate Producer Dipak Bhattarai
Location Manager Nagendra Adhikari
Translators Sahadev Poudei
Editor, story editing and Post Production Alan Capriles

With special thanks to:
Dipak Bhattarai
Nagendra Adhikari
Sarita Sapkota
Sahadev Poudei

Televisions in 2014 – Bendable and 4K

bendable 4k tv ces 2014


Wondering what companies have to offer us in 2014? It’s bendable TVs with 4K.

On CES 2014, almost all the television manufactures have announced a big 4K televisions and there are also offerings of bendable TVs, yes one with flexible glass.

Though these two technologies are buzz right now. They do not seem to last long like 3D which was a big buzz till couple years back. Why?

TVs at our homes are for a single person. Multiple people from family watch TV most of the time. And that’s where bendable TV fails because if one watching the curve TV is not in the exact center, it will NOT look good. That’s what everyone is already saying after demos.

On the other hand, even though 4K sounds great, we can hardly see any difference with a small display size. Yes, for 4K even 70 inch is not big enough. On such small size, viewers are requested to get really close to the TV to experience 4K, but in real we don’t watch TV sitting extremely close. Do we?

To conclude, all these companies want you to spend money on their products and to do that they had to come up with something and create a buzz, either it’s something amazing or useless.

Seems like we have to wait couple more years before we start replacing our TVs.

Here’s a video of a technology that’s useless for now:

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