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Monthly Archives: September 2014


Music Video- म चाहीँ नेपाली

Bringing all the Nepalese together, this song really speaks the voice on a true Nepali.
canon 7d mark ii

Canon 7D Mark II is Here. Here’s the Specs

  We have been waiting for 7D's big brother for couple years now and it's finally here. Here's the Specs: - Body of tough magnesium alloy -...
iphone 6 iphone 6+ ios8

iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 vs LG G3 vs HTC ONE (M8)

Wondering how they stand in front of each other? Here are their specs put together.   IPHONE 6 SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 LG G3 HTC ONE (M8) FOR WINDOWS Pricing $199, $299,...
iphone6 iphone 6 iwatch apple watch

Appleले ल्यायो २ नयाँ iPhone र घडी ।

  नँया iPhoneको पर्खाइमा बसेका Appleका फ्यानहरुलाई आज अर्को उत्सव भएको छ । विभिन्न संचारमाध्यमहरुले अड्कल गरे अनुरुप आज Appleले कुपर्टिनो स्थित आफ्नो हेडक्वाटरमा २...
qatar slavery

Qatar Police arrest 2 being afraid they might reveal their slavery system on foreign...

Qatar foreign ministry have made a press release this .... stating that they have arrested 2 Nepalese ...... for breaking their law. To research /...

धुस थरीथरीका

  आजकाल अख्तियारले धुस लिदैगर्दा समातेको समाचारहरु खुबै सुनिन्छ । त्यस्ता भ्रष्ट कर्मचारीहरुले कसरी माग्छन् त धुस । यो बारे सबै जानकार हुन जरुरी छ...