Announcement of 2 Crore rupees by Nepal government to Prachanda’s son for his Everest Expedition was a big news. So was it’s protest which finally led to another announcement by Prachanda’s son, Prakash stating that he will not take that 2 crore for his expedition. But I think we missed something.

Nepal has many Everest climbers with various world records set, but Nepal government has never paid a penny to them for their climbing. And all of a sudden, 2 crore rupees for Prakash just because he’s a politician’s son is something need to be protested and well, it did happen. Which led him to announce that he’s not taking that money for his expedition.

On press conference, he stated that couple days back, but that not his complete statement. He also said that he’s not returning that money to the government, instead will be given to those who suffered during the maoist civil war.

Do anyone think that money will ever reach those sufferers?

That’s what I call, Nepalese people’s money well digested. चोर Dahals.

Jai Nepal