11:30 Basan

He’s well known for his rocking numbers from his first album, “Suna Hamro Aawaj”, which was with his band, The Shadows. Later, Basanta came up with his second album (1st album as a solo artist as 11:30 Basan) leaving the band aside, which couldn’t do well. Meanwhile, The Shadows Band themselves trained a young singer Swapnil and came up with their new album, “Hidne Manchhe Ladchha” which rocked Nepal and changed the way Nepali rock music used to be. About Swapnil, he was one of those Narayan Gopal wannabe and had came up with a children album with his lyricist father effort.

Now in 2011, Basan is ¬†back and this time with another band. With his re-arranged popular old song,”Mero Sapna” and band itself well known for their performance and good music, Basan seems to succeed this time.

We wish him all the best.

Click here to watch his new video Mero Sapna Р11:30 Basan