छक्का, oye छक्का… Never have seen this good trailer of a Nepali movie. An action packed movie based on true stories (देशको ताल यस्तै त थियो र छ । ), Chhadke is a hope to the dying Nepali cinema industry. It also might prove as a lesson to all the budding movie makers in Nepal who are only focused on technical aspects.

And now lets talk about दाबी । हो, छड्केको poster र trailer release सँगै मान्छेहरु यो फिल्म सफल हुने दाबी गर्नथालेका छन् । गज्जबको कुरा त के छ भन्दा, अरु चलचित्रहरु झै‌ यो चलचित्रको भने यसका makerहरुले दाबी गरेका होईनन् । गाबी गर्ने त दर्शकहरु हुन् । जुन छड्के teamलाई धेरै खुशीको कुरा हो ।

Trailer हेर्दासम्म के छ त छड्केका गज्जब लाग्ने पक्षहरु :

Casts: Robin Tamang (very popular among youth), Namrata Shrestha (Popular for her movies n sex video), Daya Hung (Loved for his work in LOOT), Saugat Malla (Huge fan following after LOOT, and he could come in a surprise package in this movie, or might come in a teaser soon).

Direction: Awesome direction. He has been able to bring life to all characters.

Action/Comedy: Real life Nepali aciton with a touch of comedy will definitely pull audience to the theater.

Sound & Music: Sounds great in the trailer. Fusion music of sarangi and drums will just bring smile to any Nepalese face.

To conclude, Chhadke seriously has more possibility than any recent Nepali movie.

Hats off to the छड्के team.

Here are some posters of छड्के designed by Aananda Maharjan: