At 62nd Berlin Film Festival, Bollywood actors Priyanka Chopra and Shahrukh Khan announced to come Nepal for a visit.

STOP THIS BULLSHIT. Why are media making Nepal some cheap crappy place where celebrities from other countries hardly go.

Nepal has welcomed top international celebrities including Late Micheal Jackson. Visiting a country for a movie shoot as per movie’s demand  is usual. But it’s Nepal’s beauty and social Nepali people, these celebrities have been here. If anyone is a nature lover, Nepal is a once in a lifetime and they do visit here, even if you don’t ask them to come.

I think asking if Priyanka and Shah Rukh were coming to Nepal in Berlin Film Festival was an stupid act, especially when Nepali movie was being praised by everyone there.

कुरै गर्ने भए, Nepal has now new generation moving towards movies, any individual or group willing to train, share knowledge, share expertise will be heartly welcomed and appreciated. भनेर भने हुन्थ्यो ।

Since, Bollywood is well-known to Berlin, something like begging to come to Nepal was really an stupid act, and that published by all Nepalese media as “WOW !!” was another stupidity.

To conclude, If you ask any celebrity, “Do you want to come to my country once?”. Of course they’ll say Yes, I want to but not been able to stories.

जे होस्, Lets stop this bullshit.

Jai Nepal !