I have no intention sharing this video, though I do want to make parents aware that, “तँपाईका बच्चाहरु बिग्रिदैछन्” ।

A user share a video of group of young students kissing in public in a facebook group, I and couple of my friends moderate. The video was immediately deleted but I see people sharing it. Lets NOT do that.

As someone who is more inclined to Nepali cinema these days, it is sad to accept the bitter truth… Isn’t this what recent Nepali movies has been teaching to these kids? Shame on such Nepali movies who call themselves New Nepali Cinema.

On the other hand, I do want parents to be aware of it. Please take care of your children. Or if you think that’s OK for your children to be like in the west; then mind it, they will kick your ass when they grow up.

Request: If you come across the video, please do FLAG it.

Jai Nepal