Nepalese are around the world now, many have made the country proud in various ways, but this is for me the most humble story of someone and his noble deed in Nepal.

He motivated himself to become a doctor after a tragic death of his sister at a very young age of 16. A son of a very ordinary family from a small rural village of Nepal, not only became one, but revolutionized the eye treatment and care method, which was impossible to the world’s top ophthalmologist with latest technologies.

Dr. Sanduk Ruit, ophthalmologist not only brought the western technology for eye treatment to Nepal but also simplified the process, surprising the west themselves. He was also the one to find out about the faults in surgeries in Nepal which was resulting to complete blindness. He is also the man behind contact lenses made in Nepal which ships worldwide.

And 2nd thing he is know to else than as a inventor is, while most doctors around the world are busy making money, he gives free service and lenses to those who cannot afford it. One such is the story above in the video.

Salute to such a humble man.

Jai Nepal