American Homeless

We in Nepal, call it the land of opportunities. Thousands come to this country with different visas and many illegally risking lives. Yes, I am talking about United States of America. But many do not know there’s a bitter side too, just like back home.

This is a short story about a homeless man. I had been seeing at the same intersection near my previous job for last 3 years. Couple days back I finally gathered all the courage to go to him ask his story.

God bless him.

Everest Trailer without Sherpas

Today this trailer popped up in my facebook wall. Trailer of the upcoming movie, “Everest”, and it says based on a true story. How true !! Most western will never know, just like the Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty.

But there are few truths I know about Everest as I come from the country where the Everest. Yes, it’s in Nepal and I am from that beautiful land.

Many do not know, even though Everest is the highest mountain in the world, it’s is one of the most conquered. And it is not because people always want to conquer the highest but it is the easiest compared to conquering others. And that’s because of the Sherpas.

Truth is, a huge percentage of foreigners are carried on Sherpa’s back to the top. One of our Sherpa brother told us, “They aren’t well trained and physically not able. In the middle of the climb when they cannot even couple steps, they tell us that they have paid us for this and we must take them to the top nomatter what. So, we carry them on our back and take them to the top.”

You can find the interview (in Nepali language) clicking the link below.

#PrayForNepal – Live Blog




SPREAD THIS TRUTH: Spanish did not come to rescue Nepalese injured in earthquake. That’s all just in pictures. They came, took spanish people from Nepal and left. Same with some other countries like Poland.


NEWS: Indian rescue team seem to be spies, as they are going to Nepal China border and not rescuing people.


FROM THE PAST: The earthquake in Nepal back in 1934 lasted for 6 days.


UPDATE: Vodafone Australia customers wishing to contact family and friends will be able to make and receive free calls between Australia and Nepal. More details here: Thank you Vodafone.


HELP: Young babies, women and old people are suffering lot. No houses are remained in our village, Bhotechaur, Sindhupalchok. Plz provide us some tents and stuffs to eat. Plz call 9751008000 and 9841360844.


ALERT: भाडाका गाडीहरुले निर्धारित भाडा भन्दा बडी भाडा लिएमा Mobile No. ९८५१२८१३६३ मा SMS गरी उक्त गाडीको detail नम्बर समेत दिन अनुरोध । Its Nepal police number


UPDATE: Khalsa Aid Relief Team has reached Nepal !! They have taken 100s of surgical masks as well as water purification tablets for the rescue workers.


#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


FREE CARGO ALERT: Qatar Airways is also taking free humanitarian cargos to Nepal. ‪#‎Qatarairways‬


FREE CARGO ALERT: Jet Airways is taking free humanitarian cargos to Nepal. Fundraisers can contact officials for further info.


FREE CARGO ALERT: Free Cargo: For all those living abroad, who wants to send relief materials to Nepal, these are some of the companies who offer free cargo.
7.1. Goldcross Cargo, UK, Contact mr Ismail Amer Mirza ( 02080904848) (07886520342) to send humanitarian aid to Nepal on 0% profit margin. (shared by Ms Prasuna Kadel )


VOLUNTEER ALERT: GMIN UK : If you are in Pokhara or nearby, Gmin UK are looking for volunteers for Gorkha. Contact Mr Robin: 9856026233



5. Blood banks
5.1. KTM 9843552882
5.2. Biratnagar: 9862005225
5.3. Chitwan: 9855065135
5.4. Jhapa: 9817976211
5.5. Butwal: 9812900905


RELIEF CENTER ALERT: Relief Centres for those who lost their houses.

Campion School, Lagankhel
Campion HSS, Gahanapokhari
Chandbagh school, Basbari (contact Mr Bhusan Gurung, 9851077802)


AMBULANCE ALERT: Mr Anish Shakya, gud man, is willing to provide his car as ambulance,, you can contact him on 9851090730. Thanks Sudan Gurung for his idea of using private vehicles as ambulance. Godspeed. < .


MEDICAL ALERT: 24 hour medicine service is provided by Mr Prasit Kandel ( 9851133822) and Mr Shailesh Sharma (9851017553)


FREE WATER ALERT: Free Water: ktm Dashrath stadium bottled water ktm wnf ktm food and water 97715260607. Thnx mr Sam Nepali for sharing.


FREE WATER ALERT: Free Water. Confessions of nepalese teenagers: Anyone looking for water can go to the factory of CONT at matatirtha. Plz contact on 9851035527, 9841267426, 9841512955, 9801158100. Prasanna Sangroula and his teams are ready to help there. thanks to these guys. (p.s. bring your own buckets)


Kathmandu, chakupat, patan dhoka, lalitpur : +97715260607
Dadeldhura , kirtipur. [+97796410026] [+9779696410176] [+977969641072]
Damak. Pani tanki, Jhapa, Nepal.[+97723582069] [+97723580270]
Nepalgunj, Adarsha Nagar [+97781525132/524999/526041]


FOOD ALERT: Kailash Bakery in Buddhanagar, Baneshwor, KTM, is giving away free breads, cookies and tea. Thanks to Pabita Basnet.


REQUEST: Gurkhas come before it’s too late.


UPDATE: 108 ambulance team from Tamil Nadu, India ready to deploy at Kathmandu. Kindly coordinate with Mr. Prabudoss +919629088108


HELP: Bungamati village in Lalitpur is in need of food and water supply. Please help. Rescuers, please do not just centralized in the city only.


CONTACT FOR FOOD & WATER: World Food Programme 01-5260607, And for medicines Prasit Kandel 9851133822 and
Shailesh Sharma 9851017553.


HELP: #‎Sindhupalchowk‬ needs help. No houses are left by the disaster and 877 death till now, highest of all. And yet, not rescue team have reached there yet. Please help them.


UPDATE: Gorkha, Thumi village houses are all down. No rescuers have reached there till now. People are without food or water even after more than 36 hours of the quake.


UPDATE: Even though the government is saying that food and water has reached almost all over Nepal, victims are not receiving anything. In most places, victims are still waiting for help. Shame on Nepali government. What can we expect from such corrupted government?


UPDATE: If you are looking for shelter in Bhaktapur, Bhaktapur Multiple Campus have enough space for around 300 people. Please go there.


UPDATE: 217 tourists still missing in Mount Everest area.


UPDATE: Bhutan’s prime minister has just arrived in Nepal along with their rescue team. Hats off to him.


ALERT: Be a part of this noble cause if you are in Chitwan.

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake



“पुल्चोकमा कान्तिपुर एफ.एम. संगै दुर्गा दाइको चिया पसल र कान्तिपुर खाजा घर खुल्ला छ ! नजिक पर्ने आउनुहोला ! पैसा साथमा छैन भने हामी छौं !”
– Kantipur FM



आज बेलुका ५ बजे सबै जना पुल्चोव्क नारायणगढमा आउनुहोस साथ मा
मैनबत्ती लिएर !!
अरु केई गर्न सके/ नसके पनि आज भुकम्पमा पर्नु भएका सम्पूर्ण नेपाली /
बिदेशी को सम्झनामा मैनबत्ती बालेर समबेदना प्रकट गरौ !!
(संकल्प गरौ कि हाम्रो देश नेपाल लै हामी सबै जना मिलेर फेरि
सिंगार्ने छौ )
[कालो दिन २०७२/०१/१२]
note:-आफुले सहयोग गर्न सक्ने (लुगा, कपडा ,खाने कुरा हरु ) लिएर आउनु
होला ! गोर्खा , लम्जुङ्ग बाट त्यो सामान लिन गाडी आउने छ


UPDATE: If you are in need of food and near Bhaisipati, head over to Chaudary Factory. They are distributing free noodles and other stuff. Chaudary Group Schools are also open for shelter in their 8 locations in Kathmandu.


UPDATE: Pakistan sending food and medicine for Nepalese in crisis. Thank you Pakistan.

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


ALERTSt. Xavier’s School, Jawalakhel and St.Mary’s School have opened their grounds for anyone seeking shelter


SINDUPALANCHOWK NEEDS HELP: A huge disaster has taken place there no house is left there.
In my village there are only 20 houses where seven people have already died and many are injured.
But above my village there is tamang gau which has 300 to 400 houses which is completely destroyed and huge casualty has taken place.
Lots of people have died there and are severly injured there. People are dying due to lack of primary treatment. My VDC needs rescue . I have called few places for help. I want you people to inform about it to concerned places .


NEED HELP: Need a ride for a medical help for a girl with fracture skull in dhulikhel. Her father’s cell is 9841624077 (dil bahadur) They need to come to Kathmandu ASAP.


Kehi gauley haru ani kehi ghaitey manchey haru still Gorkha Barpak najikai ko gau SIRANDADA ma fasiyeko chan re. Food medical drinking water supplies haru sab sakina lageko ra ajhai pani madat na ayeko huda EKDAMAI NAJUK AWASTHA ma chan PLEASE PLEASE sambandit nikaye athawa rahat bitaran garney sang sanstha haru ko dhyan akarsan GORKHA SIRANDADA tira pani garaidinu hola.

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


HELP REQUESTED: One of my friend’s wife Cristina and other are awaiting for tent and supplies.
+9779841574265, +9779818186995, +9779849875639. There are 7 people there and its starting to rain.On Tamarind restro ko opposite bato bata 4th home bato bigrirako ma, brown gate.If anyone can contact the above number and get the updates will be helpful. Thanks!


FOR HELP: Helicopter Companies in Nepal.

Air Dynasty 01-4497418, 01-4477560 / 61 / 62

Fishtail Air
Operation – Shree Hari Kuikel +977 9851030013, 9751000117 – (24/7)
Operation – Binod Thapa +977 9851062087, 9802062087 – (24/7)
Sales – Ramesh Shiwakoti : +977 9751000115, 9801000115 – (24/7)
Airport – Rakesh Rana : +977 9751000119, 9801000119 – (24/7)
Airport – Prabal Shrestha : +977 9751000114 – (24/7)

Easy Heli
+977 – 9801050000 / 9801050019

Shree Airlines
Phone: +977 1 4222 948
Fax: + 977 1 4228 324

Mountain Helicopters

Capt. Passang Norbu Sherpa
977- 9851050120, 9801050120, 9751020014
Mr. Basanta K. Bhandari
977- 9801060016, 9751020016, 9856026909

Mr. Dawa Finjo Lama
977- 9801040022, 975102002


Mountain Heli
Tel: – 977 1 4410477
Cell: – 977 9851124189


UPDATE: The Shiromoni Gurdwara Parbhandak Committee’s head Avtar Singh Makkar has announced to send over 100,000 Parshade (Chapatis) to the country of Nepal following the 7.9 earthquake which devastated the region. The committee will send the parshade through the Indian Air Force air craft to Kathmandu airport from where they will be dispatched to affected areas. More info:

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


ALERT: Here’s how to know it’s coming. Place two glass up side down and a plate on top. It’ll drop even with the minor vibration. This way you’ll know the tremors are coming.

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake



#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


UPDATE: Numerous earthquakes and now rain. Where’s god?

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake



#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake



#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


UPDATE: Bhutanese volunteers will be in Nepal by morning for the help. Thank you Bhutan

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


UPDATE: Germans on the way to help in the rescue in Nepal. Thank you Germany.

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


ALERT: Anyone from Red Cross, please contact them. We will be conducting blood donation camp here in SJCIT college Bangalore but we are unable to get the correct ideas how to get those collected bloods to Nepal. So if any of you guys have any link with the higher authority of Nepal Red Cross or Lions Club then please please let them contact us in the following numbers:
+919632916315 Kabiraj Lamichhane, +918147564066 Avash Karki, +918904790240 Ankit Dhungana, +917829537152 Pradip Sapkota


UPDATE: Another tremor of 4.5 rector scale hits Nagarkot.



UPDATE: Another tremor of 4.6 rector scale hits Panaoti, east of Kathmandu.


ALERT: Having issues with your internet connection? Try FIRE CHAT, a bluetooth chat app. The more people use it the better it gets in the crowd.



#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


ALERT: In response to the earthquake in Nepal, Viber have switched off Viber Out billing so Nepali users can call any destination for free. Lets not misuse this help. Thanks to Viber.


HELP: Can you ask someone to send help in sindhupalchok #‎Bhotang‬ area. There’s a corner area of Sindhupalchok, very less people know about it, they need to be rescued and helped.


HELP: About 100 people in Thaiti, in kathmandu don’t have food, if u are around or know someone nearby please call 9818272055; 9841782909


UPDATE: Another 6.7rec earthquake hits Kodari, Nepal.


UPDATE: Camp at Dhading-Salang. Earth Quake Victims resting under tents.

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


ALERT: If anyone is around Gyaneshwore area, Kathmandu and have nowhere to go then, please visit Martyrs Memorial School (Sahid Smarak School). Shelter along with water is being provided there.


UPDATE: Indian medias bluffing, saying Nepalese are calling for Modi. What Nonsense !


UPDATE: Injured waiting for doctors in Gandaki Hospital, Pokhara. (Update by Yunish)

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


PASS THIS MESSAGE: Brihaspati Vidyasadan Hostel in Kathmandu is full of earthquake victims right now and are in need of food and water. Please pass this to a rescue team.


UPDATE: Fairfax County’s Urban Search and Rescue Team arriving to Nepal soon.The United States is sending a disaster response team and million in aid to Nepal    The White House and Secretary of State John Kerry are offering condolences along with pledging the support.

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


NOTICE: Government has requested to close all the educational institute for next 5 days. But all other government employees should be present at their office and go for rescue as an alternative work.


UPDATE: Most people are under tents. Food and drinking water being a big issue. No rescue team has arrived in most places in Lalitpur yet. Around 30-40 houses are dead and down.


UPDATE: Rescue team working hard in Bhaktapur. 99% of the houses are dead and down. 965 injured and 214 dead till now. Bhaktapur is one of the most affected area.


UPDATE: 119 people dead and around 350 injured in Kavre. Victims are facing worst time due to lack of transportation. Small hospitals there are already overloaded and all over outside the hospital.


UPDATE: Victims are being taken Dolakha to Kathmandu by helicopters. About 70% of the houses are down. (Source: Kantipur FM)


Most Nepalese politicians are at least millionaires. How much are they donating personally? #PrayForNepal


HELP: Do you own a drone? Help others in the rescue with this powerful technology.


REQUEST: Help everyone connect to the world. Let free you WIFI. Remove your WIFI password, so that everyone around can get connected. #Nepal


UPDATE: Finally help has reached Gorkha. Victims brought to Pokhara and Chitwan, and are treated outside hospitals.


UPDATE: Asia Association of Education & Exchange praying for Nepal.

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake




UPDATE: Emergency number is you are in need of help.

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


UPDATE: Houses in Sitapaila, KTM.

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


ALERT: Blood shortage in Blood Bank. Red Cross needs more blood to help the injured victims. Please TEXT message to 9851281363 for more details. Thank you. #PrayforNepal


UPDATE: As per BBC, there could be some more tremors between 11AM to 1PM today. (Nepali time).


This day, even god is buried.

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


UPDATE: Fashion designer, Prabal Gurung is also raising fund for the victims in Nepal. God bless him.


UPDATE: Youtube star, Promise Tamang is raising fund for victims in Nepal.


UPDATE: Russia coming to Nepal to help us. Thank you Putin.


UPDATE: Victims in Gorkha are helpless, with no help, no food or water. Gorkha needs help ! Please !


UPDATE: 17 Nepali army dead while rescuing others in Rasuwa, Nepal. रसुवामा उद्धारको लागि गएको नेपाली सेनाको १७ जवान पहिरोले पुरिएको छ ।


MISSING: Ronald Ancaya. He’s doing the “Footsteps of Hillary” trek towards Mount Everest. We havent heard from him and my family is worried sick. If you guys have heard anything from anyone or anywhere about tour groups on Everest please let us know

Ronald Ancaya  He's doing the "Footsteps of Hillary" trek towards Mount Everest  We havent heard from him and my family is worried sick  If you guys have heard anything from anyone or anywhere about tour groups on Everest please let us know


MISSING: Karilyn Van Styvendale. From Winnipeg Manitoba.
Height: 5’5″, Hair: blonde with bangs, Average build
Last seen Camp 1 Everest Base Camp.

Please contact if any information is available.


#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


MISSING: He was residing in Khangsar Guest House. Phone number: +977 1-4268273
Name: JIN HYUNG PARK (goes by Jin Park)
Date of Birth: May 29, 1989, Height: 170cm, Ethnicity: Korean, Citizenship: Canadian, Blood type: O.


If you have any information about him please leave us a message in the comment section.

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


(FOUND) MISSING: Ballantyne Forder is missing in Nepal. Her birth date is 03/05/1994 she is over there on a mission volunteer trip by herself, currently we don’t know where she was staying as she was travelling to Kathmandu from Pokhara and hasn’t had reception to confirm her location for a few days. This man is one of the people she was working and travelling with- Dinesh Neupane- contact details are +977-1-4432650. Please contact her sister at 0451992990 or leave us a message as comment.

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


We need help outside Kathmandu also. Thanks to a group of people in Pokhara who are going towards Gorkha for help.


UPDATE: The earthquake after effect is coming back again and again even after 48 hours. Officials are saying that it’ll continue for one more day at least.


UPDATE: It’s like ‘2012’ movie in real. Scary !

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


UPDATE: People of Nepal sleeping on the streets. Tremors still ongoing…

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


UPDATE: The Chinese International Search and Rescue Team (CISAR) sets off for Nepal for disaster relief

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


UPDATED: Where help has already arrived from India, Nepal’s prime minister is still out.


UPDATE: 98 dead till now in Gorkha. Rest in Peace.


Hope countries like China and Japan will come and make infrastructures for Nepal, than donating cash.


Here are the quake data till now:

(Click to show on interactive map)
(Click to explore)
25-APR-2015 21:07:17 27.73 85.73 4.7 10 0 NEPAL   5111876
25-APR-2015 08:05:37 27.73 85.73 4.6 10 0 NEPAL   5111824
25-APR-2015 07:39:33 27.67 85.75 4.5 10 7 NEPAL   5111823
25-APR-2015 08:16:59 27.67 85.69 4.9 10 8 NEPAL   5111825
25-APR-2015 06:37:58 27.72 85.82 5.1 10 9 NEPAL   5111766
25-APR-2015 10:53:43 27.77 85.87 4.4 10 14 NEPAL   5111842
25-APR-2015 13:36:14 27.75 85.89 4.6 10 16 NEPAL   5111851
25-APR-2015 10:23:19 27.87 85.76 4.2 10 16 NEPAL   5111838
25-APR-2015 14:10:02 27.58 85.66 4.6 10 18 NEPAL   5111853
25-APR-2015 20:32:48 27.56 85.76 4.4 10 19 NEPAL   5111878
25-APR-2015 07:07:59 27.73 85.92 5.0 10 19 NEPAL   5111816
25-APR-2015 10:40:35 27.57 85.84 4.8 10 21 NEPAL   5111839
25-APR-2015 07:47:01 27.85 85.56 5.0 10 21 NEPAL   5111819
25-APR-2015 06:56:34 27.91 85.65 5.5 10 22 NEPAL   5111818
25-APR-2015 16:27:21 27.91 85.62 4.9 10 23 NEPAL   5111861
25-APR-2015 08:20:11 27.95 85.72 4.7 10 24 NEPAL   5111827
25-APR-2015 08:55:55 27.64 85.50 5.3 10 25 NEPAL   5111829
25-APR-2015 07:13:44 27.55 85.55 4.8 10 27 NEPAL   5111817
25-APR-2015 12:17:55 28.00 85.56 4.5 10 34 NEPAL   5111848
25-APR-2015 18:58:34 27.68 85.34 4.1 10 39 NEPAL   5111877
25-APR-2015 09:30:29 27.99 85.44 5.0 10 41 NEPAL   5111834
25-APR-2015 12:01:13 28.04 85.49 4.2 10 42 NEPAL   5111844
25-APR-2015 09:03:15 27.87 85.31 4.9 10 44 NEPAL   5111830
25-APR-2015 07:16:56 28.00 85.27 4.8 10 54 NEPAL   5111826
25-APR-2015 17:42:49 28.31 85.81 5.4 3 65 NEPAL   5111867
25-APR-2015 13:30:28 28.11 85.07 4.6 10 77 NEPAL   5111850
25-APR-2015 06:45:21 28.19 84.86 6.6 15 100 NEPAL   5111767
25-APR-2015 08:29:24 27.99 84.71 5.0 10 104 NEPAL-INDIA BORDER REGION   5111828
25-APR-2015 06:11:26 28.15 84.71 7.8 15 111 NEPAL   5111620
25-APR-2015 12:44:04 28.15 84.66 5.2 10 115 NEPAL   5111846
02-APR-2015 00:56:39 28.71 86.35 4.6 63 125 XIZANG   5109182
25-APR-2015 09:17:02 28.43 87.34 5.7 10 176 XIZANG   5111831
21-APR-2015 14:02:19 28.85 82.39 5.0 42 350 NEPAL   5111284


UPDATE: Another after effect just felt right now in Chitwan.


Dharahara will now only remain in pictures… It’s sad.

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


ALERT: Donate to Non-Profits and not to personal collectors. As personally collected fund will have tax cut before the victims get it. Every single dollar matters.


UPDATE: Dan Fredinburg, Google Engineer, Killed in Everest Avalanche


After effect of 5.2, 5.3, 4.9 are shocking #PrayForNepal


UPDATE: Another earthquake just now of 5.2 rector scale.


UPDATE: Gandaki hospital, Pokhara full of injured people.

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


UPDATE: Bhaktapur… bhakta4


UPDATE: Disaster in Bhaktapur

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


UPDATE: Nationwide telephone calls are FREE by NTC till 12 midnight. Call you loved ones to make sure they are safe.


It’s no more…. in Bhaktapur

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


राजनिती लागेर रात न दिन घर दैलो गर्ने हरु आज कता गयौं सुन्सान छ त।


UPDATE: Makalu base camp completely, luckily the climbers are safe.


UPDATE: 18 dead and more than 30 wounded in Mount Everest area.


UPDATE: The monkey temple, Swyambhunath is safe and in good condition, but the ones around it are damaged.


News: 2 dead and around 100 houses damaged in kaski


Live Broadcast of earthquake affected area.


Nepal is still at risk for next 48hrs. Source :


Here’s how the avalanche at the Everest region looked like.

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


Manakamana has also been affected by the disaster.

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


If you using facebook, twitter or any other social media, lets help others connect with their loved ones who do not use social media, as phone lines are congested.


The earthquake took it all. Dharahara.

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


Nepal will Never Be The Same.

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


Nepal will never be the same without those heritage sites. Rest in Peace. #PrayForNepal


Makalu 2015 – Nepal Earthquake. Everyone on Makalu is safely back in Advanced Base Camp at 5700m after the 7.9 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal this morning – just as self and a few others were descending to ABC after two days up at Camp 1. Thought it was one mother of all avalanches but couldn’t see a thing in the whiteout – those at ABC felt the whole ground move a metre and two Austrian team mates on the steep ice wall up to Camp 1 somewhat praying for their lives……… Caused a huge rock slide off the side of the mountain near ABC and a number of avalanches around us. (Updated by: Adrian Hayes)


Big earthquake just now in Everest Base Camp. More than 10 seconds shaking hard and lots of rock and ice fall. (Update by: Adrian Ballinger) Big earthquake just now in Everest Base Camp. More than 10 seconds shaking hard and lots of rock and ice fall.



Our Basantapur Durbar Square is no more. b20c354afe66e8a5a7812a679b696df2


8 are dead on Mt Everest due to avalanche triggered by the quake.


Some walls fallen down and some cracked houses. No human loss in Pokhara as per the current source (update by Yunish)


There was a tattoo convention going on when the massive quake hit Kathmandu. Hope everyone is safe.

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


Pokhara less affected by the earthquake. (updated by Yunish)


The Nepal quake is shaking seismographs worldwide. This is from Illinois. BBC News alert just went off.

That’s how big the disaster was.

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


What’s more scary is how will we fix the quake damage?


The earthquake is said to be continuing till 5pm nepali time. Please do confirm even after that if you are going back to your homes.


Koteshwor is less affected. Most people are safe in that area.


If you are not able to find someone, try this:


Lets Stay Strong


Almost 3hrs and 40 mins past first shock but still not safe to go inside. Inumerable shocks still going on and on….


20+ moderate and strong earthquake in just a single day in Nepal. It’s a Black Day for us.


A massive avalanche that started due to same earthquake in Mount Everest and nearby area has trapped climbers.


Road cracks and some minor damages in Bhandara.


Chitwan and Nawalparasi area has been less affected by the earth quake.


This is how bad the earthquake was.


Here’s how bad the earthquake was in Kathmandu.


Footage of todays earthquake captured on CCTV cam ….

Posted by Suman Udaya on Saturday, April 25, 2015


Phone lines are either congested or not working. Try TEXTING/SMS instead. Leave those phone lines for emergency calls.


Here’s are some emergency numbers you can call if you are in need.


Tribhuvan International Airport is closed for the time being. No damage has been disclosed yet.


The earthquake has taken another history monument of Nepal which is one of the World Heritage site, Basantapur Durbar Square.

#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake





Our historic monument, Dharahara is no more. Sad
#prayfornepal nepal earthquake quake


#PrayForNepal – Live Blog starting now

Massive Earthquake Hits Nepal #PrayForNepal

nepal earthquake quake

Nepal is hit by a cruel earthquake of 7.9r.

We have lost a historic monument, Dharahara and many historic temples which were the part of World Heritage Society. Plus numerous lives have been lost.

Nepal will never be the same.

Rest in Peace.


IN PICTURES: (BY: Maharjan Aathiya, Raj Khanal, Ayush Karki, Skanda Gautam)

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